(Source: uTestDrive beta, the beta version of unlimited the game test was tested during 2010.
the rain effects were little dots that unlimited appeared on the car, meanwhile in the final version, they were much smoother.Development/Debug Button Placeholder, a strange picture of a face that is used drive for buttons in debug/development menus.This game drive has unused items.Released in AU unlimited : February 10, 2011, this test game has unused graphics.The same.bnk file can be found in the game "Test Drive Unlimited 1".It allows the user to have access to in-game functions through the menu for debugging or testing the game functions.They are not user friendly, however.However, in the final version, it is only driveable during a single convoy mission.The Audi TT RS had a different test engine sound as seen in this video, the Dealership Cars were not separated like in the final version (example: British Cars and American Cars in the Italian Dealership. Da poniatna, izvini menia, ia dumaiu chto eti mashini bilo dobovlena m/hfgarage?
Driving, racing, and casino games: a description.

There is a test "Adidas" "Diesel" logo but only Adidas is used game in the completo menu.In this vent video, the person is showing the working parts of the menu.Early Logo, an early version of the logo found in the game's files.During some 2010 E3 footage, there is a short moment with the Italian Car Dealership where ball vent the cars were mixed, however, a V8 Audi R8 appears in that showroom which means that it was originally planned to be an actual playable car in the game.When k is loaded into the game, then it shows an "Avatar Creation"-Menu.Platforms : Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, released ebook in JP : June 30, 2011, released in US : February 8, 2011, released in EU : February 11, 2011.Test Drive Unlimited 2 in five words.Contents, sub-Pages, casino DLC, the casino, where you can blow off all your money, or make some. Early UI k, there is an unknown file in the game, which is called "k".

Not the biggest differences compared test drive unlimited 2 beta pc to the final version appeared, yet there are still a few worth noting.
Test Drive Unlimited 2, developer : Eden Games, publisher : Atari,.
A debug menu is a system usually implemented in developer versions of games.