Ive been looking for an alternative for quite some time now, and capture I think Ive finally found.
Record Audio with 100 Original Quality (1:1 Quality Ratio Lossless Audio).
( m/itunes/mastered-for-itunes/ make a new Document (Stereo In/ Stereo Out) with JackRouter as capture Input and Output capture Device.Either go to Audacity - Preferences - Audio I/O, and under audio Recording, change the capture Device to Soundflower (2ch).The latest version's easy-does-it interface and greater flexibility will appeal to a wide variety of audio users (podcasters included).You now have game audio and music in OBS.Now you streaming can start the server.Its a free open source piece audio of software known as Jack(osx) ( http jackaudio.D (Everything tested under Mac streaming OS.9 and OBS.10.1).S.: If you find a typo, you can keep.Seamless Integration with OS and iTunes.You can see the required connections down below.This setup gives you full control over the volume, while applying effects and monitoring everything with professional audio meters.Update 2 (For QuickTime Player SoundFlower works (including the newest version) great with QuickTime Player.x (recent one.4 (854) as well.Set the sample rate to whatever you use in OBS. Here's how: You route everything to AU Lab, then apply filters / effects to whatever input channel(s) you like and adjust the volume of differerent audio sources.
You want to find a the lowest setting, that gives you (almost) no xruns.
Prepare to record your screencast and hit Record.

Audio Hijack 3 is my new favorite audio utilityIt's the card Mac audio utility I've been reader awaiting for a decade.The basic audio capture from.1 uses 4 connections.Or change the settings directly in Audacity itself.By default, the recording will capture be saved in MKV format and open in a preview window.Now select that segment on the timeline and hit the trash can button.Relax, there capture is a solution, in fact a better one.What more do you want?But I hate those long tutorial videos.B) To listen to playback while recording, do the following: Launch audio Soundflower.Beta version) Double click to mount the downloaded.dmg file.Im not sure about Non audio highschool Pro ). Otherwise it might not appear in the Connections Manager.
Edit and convert the recording, try Mac, buy Now.
The program will end the recording after a designated amount of time has elapsed, so you can leave the computer and get on with your life while the recording is happening.