promise smartstor ds4600 raid review

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Copying and duplicating a 1GB file through either connection consistently proved a few seconds quicker on the raid EZQuest.Promise SmartStor NS4600 NAS review, armed with new a new GUI and priced very competitive Promise offers the SmartStor series NS4600 NAS unit with four swappable HDD bays, raid functionality, esata, Gigabit Ethernet, USB (2.0) and then a heap of software functionality that blows you.Direct Access Storage is a cost effective solution for single users who are looking to get the full redundancy of a NAS without smartstor the expense.However, when considering the Photoshop test, the SmartStors curiously slow times puts itself at the bottom of the pack.They are pretty much little servers that you can hook onto your network and then have them smartstor function as file servers.When it comes to storage solutions, having the right product to fit your specific usage needs is paramount to success.Enter Direct Attached raid Storage or DAS servers.Smartnavi provides backup and restore features for any of the drives on the connected computer.We also ran the AJA system test, which replicates writing a full scale, high quality, HD video, with a video frame size of 1920-by-1080 10-bit promise RGB and a file size to 2GB.Furthermore, there is something to be said about the aesthetics.If there are two drives, it will raid configure a raid 1 array; for three or four drives it will use a raid 5 configuration.Promise SmartStor NS4600 ( ) network-attached storage (NAS) device.On FireWire 400, write and read results were.1MBps and.9MBps.The more data you have to store, the more expensive a NAS server can.In general, it is slightly faster than the SmartStor DS4600 across the board. Luckily, Promise has products ranging from easy to use consumer-based storage devices to battle-tested enterprise class solutions.
There is something in-between promise NAS and standalone HDD enclosures, and we call that technology DAS - Device Attached Storage, for the consumer market quite a new phrase to learn and understand.
Media Centre and Photo Album functions are also available, but these are of questionable usefulness without the ability to serve media over a network.

Today we test one, yes it will be more expensive as a energy normal HDD enclosure yet much cheaper than a NAS device, the energy unit we look at today for example is aesthetically very pleasing, can blindwrite hold four high performance drives in hot-swappable drive bays,.This is why next to NAS, simple USB storage devices and HDD enclosures became rather popular.If any company representative wishes to respond, we will publish the response here.On the EZQuest Thunder raid, writes were 108.1MBps and reads tests oxygen were 123.5MBps.On USB and FireWire english 400, it took blindwrite 45 and 36 seconds, respectively.The four hard drives can be configured in a raid array; there is support for raid levels 0, 1, 5 and.As such the company Promise promises a lot of performance coming from this 299 USD storage unit, USB.0 delivers up to 40 MB/s, Firewire 400 delivers up to 50 MB/s, Firewire 800 delivers up to 80 MB/s and esata peaks out at a scorching.Right of Reply, we openly keygen invite the companies who provide us with review samples / who are mentioned or discussed to express their opinion.Introduction, we talk about the benefits of NAS servers energy a couple of times a month around here.Please contact us if you wish to respond.Holding down devices one-touch backup button will automatically configure a raid array when new hard drives are installed.Promise SmartStor DS4600 DAS review, there is something in-between the NAS and standalone HDD enclosures, and we call that technology DAS - Device Attached Storage, for the consumer market quite a new phrase to learn and understand.DAS servers can connect to your PC through USB, Firewire or esata and offer the redundancy of a full NAS, but at a substantial cost reduction.The DS4600 can be connected to a Mac or server through the single esata, USB.0 or FireWire 400 ports or one of the two FireWire 800 ports.The Promise DS4600 has the specifications of a NAS server that costs several hundred dollars more than what it is offered. On esata, it took 2 minutes and 24 seconds to finish the test, while the EZQuest Thunder raid took 48 seconds to do the same task, and the G-raid 4TB was ten seconds shorter than that.
Because the SmartStor includes four drives, each with 1TB of space, it weighs close to ten pounds.
The same AJA test with esata on the G-raid had results of 107.1MBps for writes and 126.6MBps for reads.