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She was roadies asked to challenge roadies a female contestant.
T13:00:00Z 15x08 Who will survive the episodes culling?
Vote-Out edit As the roadies winner of the roadies challenge, episodes Chandini got 3 votes at the vote-out.Both Suchit Dev's hands were episodes tied.After 5 rounds of playing, Roadies lost another 30,000.As episodes the vardhan, she was asked to select an opponent.Finally Suraj selected Dev.Suraj was asked to pick the pile.T13:00:00Z 15x13 Googly pe Googly! When Pooja came, she suddenly slipped.

T13:00:00Z 15x02 Pune Auditions brings Rannvijay to roadies tears T13:00:00Z 15x03 Karan Kundra slaps a contestant T13:00:00Z 15x04 Darr ke aage jeet hai!Suchit's victory would be considered as Rahul's victory.Elim Avtar Nischal Rajput Delhi 8 votes Davangere Voted out in the 2nd vote out.The 2 shraps were, she was not immune and she has to onimusha participate in the task.Prachi was asked to select one of the other pairs who roadies destiny performed the task.Vote-In edit For episodes the vote-in, the roadies samurais were asked to vote and decided which guy should return to roadies.Then they are given some choices similar to the Prisoner's dilemma.Tammana - Mohit Aanchal Roadies voted like this :.Money Task edit In the beginning of the task, Rannvijay gave easy the roadies 2,00,000.After that Rannvijay gave them a chance to come back into the competition.T13:00:00Z 16x08 The culling: Syed vs the rest!He selected col.Won by 9 votes in the finale after Ex-roadies and Senior roadies Vote-in Winner Mohit Saggar Chandigarh 1 vote Bangalore 1st Runner Up Won a Hero roadies Honda Karizma Bike.Paulomi refused to do the task and Tamanna demanded a Karizma for performing.They had to kick each other and make the other fall. Roadies voted in - Anchal and Rahul Roadies sent back - Reene and Dev Episode 12: 21-May-2011 edit For their next tasks, the roadies ex-roadies went to Juiz de Fora.

She chose Anamika, who gave up her immunity mtv roadies 8 all episodes to help her.
Rannvijay rounded it off to 4,00,000.
The third had to make good deals on m based on the items they collect.