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State Department advises against travel to korea North Korea.
State media reported the incident.Picture: Wikimedia Commons, the state-run Korean Central News Agency has announced travel that American Matthew Miller is to malaysia be tried next korea Sunday on korea undisclosed charges.The other two interviewed were Korean-American missionary Kenneth Bae, held since late 2012 and sentenced to a 15-year prison term on charges of attempting to overthrow the government, and Jeffrey Fowle, who is believed to have conducted evangelism in North Korea.State media reported the incident in late April, two weeks after it reportedly took malaysia place.Previous reports have described, miller as a resident of Bakersfield, California.He has since been held captive, and nearly a week ago was one of three detained Americans in the North to appear in foreign media to plead for help.Governments lack of involvement in his case.During the brief interview with CNN at an unidentified hotel in Pyongyang, Miller said malaysia that his situation was very urgent and that soon he would be tried and sent to prison.During the CNN interview Fowle said his charges were the result of him trying to leave a Bible while visiting the North.Miller, 24, attracted international attention in April when kcna reports said that he, upon entering the North, destroyed his tourist visa and announced his intention to seek asylum. He did not answer a question as to why he had attempted asylum in North Korea, but said that he had prepared to violate the law of the dprk before coming here and protested the.S.
The North has on occasion used hostages in order to force concessions malaysia from the United States.
The state-run Korean Central News Agency has announced that American Matthew Miller is to be tried next Sunday on undisclosed charges.

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