There are 22 variants of glyphs.
Kassadin - Kassadin's mobility is what makes him great.Those are my thoughts on Sion.Those are 3 of the most tier important things for a jungler, and list he list does pretty well at all of them.Sticky Threads, normal Threads.Thankfully I don't have to deal with him all that often after the map specific nerfs.There are no Glyphs of Scaling Armor, Armor Penetration, and Health Regeneration.The only problem is, she hates being initiated on (unlike in 5's, where her main purpose is to drop ult for disengage because she is so squishy, and it's hard to get her combo off with people in her face.Basically go BotRK into pure tank, and you will beast people down.Zahe - aka the bot lane legends camper I hate playing against zahe hes known to sit league bot / mid lane hes a strong jungler but I think he tier tilts in 5s hard he either hard carrys or feeds overall its hard to judge his mechanics.Copyright, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd.Officer's Realm SW:TOR Empire NA PvE - Juyo The Imperial Senate The Death Star Bloodline Champions Officer's Forum Blood Labs Defiance Officer Bunker Star Wars: Battlefront II Officer Forum Day of Defeat Source Command Bunker Defiance (Console) Officer's Forum Competitive Forum Lord of The Rings.He does ridiculous amounts of single target damage, and his ult makes him tanky.Jarvan - He is the most popular champion on the map right now.Flyingjoo - mmm im not sure list about joo I think hes okay but he lacks a champion pool and experience in the support role his thresh is decent but I dont see much of him in solo queue at all. Mid to late game, he has really good poke and siege potential.
If you don't, he will get bullied out.

Pantheon - He pretty much always dominates his lane.Once he sensor gets some items, he becomes really hard to kill, and crack does a bunch of damage for free while you chase him owners around trying to kill him.Once he gets his ult, he can turn around ganks in the other lane super easily.His E is awesome for either defending or capturing altars, and for cutting off choke points.His laning phase is pretty sucky, and if he gets pushed to tower it can be tough to last hit early.Egym - Strong laner understands support is good at skill shots and dodging them been awhile patch since I played 5s so I dont know his depth of vision control so cant rate him to deeply but all round hes good mechanically and with decisions has.Morgana exile - Her changes gave her even better wave-clear and lane presence, so she can pressure the map and roam really well.If you get caught out of position just after using Riftwalk, you can Wooglet's to buy time for your team to respond, and Riftwalk will be close to off cooldown by the time you come out of stasis.He can push a wave really hard when need be, and his E allows him to escape ganks or chase champions down.Claire / tomoyo totgepflegt sakagami totgepflegt - Very good mechanics strong mid laner does however tilt like with all oce mid laners xD rice is a prodigy tbh like pobelter he will become realy good in time especially in 5s play dont think ive seen him rage before.When his W is maxed, he hits towers like a truck.Oh, and stop juking is just too much fun.He has almost 0 counter play, and smashes an entire wave with a single. Soraka - I'm pretty sure she pushes the wave harder than any other champion in the game.
Watch their health bar disappear!

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Which, in the current meta, usually equals out to success.
With it, you can perma-slow the enemy team with your Q, which will also slowly shred the enemies league of legends tier list 5.11 MR, causing you to do more and more damage.