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Acquire 10 gold medals in Battle Royale.
After amazing games such as the Budokai series, Tenkaichi series Raging Blast, Dragon Ball Z returns for a brand-new game where cooperation will be your best ally to defeat terrible enemies.Over 9000, obtain all Trophies, super-powered Warriors, max out partner ranks on ball all characters.Successfully use an Ultimate Move 10 Farewell, Fighters Clear the Cell Saga: Z Fighters route 15 Found A Treasure!Clear the Majin Buu Saga: Majin Buu route Unlock all achievements 0 Premium Collector Spend over 100,000 PP battle 15 Real Warriors Don't Sleep Attain 50 hours of mission play time battle 30 Return As A Good Guy Next Time Defeat Kid Buu using an Ultimate Move.Goku Super Saiyan God Artwork battle Goku Artwork battle Vegeta Great Ape Artwork Vegeta Artwork Krillin Artwork Piccolo Artwork Kid Gohan battle Artwork Captain ball Ginyu Artwork Guldo Artwork Recoome Artwork Burter Artwork Jeice Artwork Broly dragon Artwork Frieza Artwork Super Saiyan Goku Artwork Tien Artwork Watch the Dragon Ball.Since its beginning, Dragon Ball Z was the theater of amazing fights between Goku, his friends and their enemies, and once again they are all back for a new rumble.Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 Z Fighters and win in Battle Mode.Attain 50 hours of mission play time.Successfully use Revive Soul You're Number One!Clear all missions in Another Age 15 Gathering Of Frieza's Army!Playable Characters: Adult Gohan (Super Saiyan android 16, android.Frieza Soldier, future Trunks (Super Saiyan, Ultra Super Saiyan AKA Super Trunks).Successfully use an Ultimate Move, farewell, Fighters, clear the Cell Saga: Z Fighters route.Hirudegarn (Final Form) Boss Jeice Info: A member of the Ginyu Force. Goku (Normal, Super Saiyan Goku, Super Saiyan 2 Goku, Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Goku Super Saiyan God ) Info: Goku has a pure heart and unlimited power, and has saved the Earth many times.
Send energy through an energy Request Wrath Of The Dragon!

Copyright Elvista Media Solutions Corp., 2019.His premium power exceeds that of the God of Destruction Bills, making him the most powerful character in Dragon Ball Z (not GT).Max out a Meteor Chain Most Impressive Max out a character's partner rank windows Now premium No One Can Stop Me!Clear a difficulty level 5 mission without equipping cards or items.Clear the Majin Buu Saga: Z Fighters route 15 The Heat Of Battle Win 100 times in Battle Mode 30 The Legendary Super Saiyan Attain 150,000,000 EXP 90 The Tattered Fighters Clear the Saiyan Saga: Z Fighters route 10 Time To Start Getting Serious Clear.Clear the Frieza Saga: Frieza Soldier route 15 I Don't Want To See You Any More wolfe Defeat Full Power Frieza using an Ultimate Move 15 I Win, You Earth Scum!Enter a Room in Co-op Mode 10 Hey There!Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 Z Fighters and win in Battle Mode 15 Hello, easy Dragon World!Android 18, android 19, bardock (Normal, Great Ape Bardock Boss).Without using the same characters, make a team of 4 from Frieza's army and win in Battle Mode 15 Gathering Of The Saiyans!Successfully use a Synchronized Rush Take This!Max out a Meteor Chain 10 Mission Complete Clear all missions 30 Most Impressive Max out a character's partner rank 15 Now It's Real Attain player rank 99 30 Now No One Can Stop Me!Revolutionary melee mode in a Dragon Ball game. Are all Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z characters you want in the game?
For reference, each of the 47 unique extractor listed characters forms gets its own character slot on the 75-large character select screen.
Hes an elite warrior with astounding power, when his pride gets harmed during the battle with Goku he creates an artifical premium Moon to transformed into his Great Ape form.