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And that person was.
Hifumi's Glasses Choose Truth Bullet The evidence I found in the ronpa trash can in the nurse's office was.So, after stumbling on the crime scene.he went and game grabbed the extension cord from the library, and then *he* got to work.He used the cord to string up Chihiro's lifeless ronpa body.So instead, the killer forced the door open, took the kitchen knife.and stabbed Sayaka.Shooting the correct letters to form a word will reveal a vital clue in the trial.It's Chihiro's Multiple Choice dangan How did the handbook break?And she found.Why the magazine was hidden Multiple Choice Someone who wouldn't like what had ronpa been written.And the one who carried it all out is the true mastermind, the one controlling Monokuma.So strange shoot: We are going to die, just like those guys died.But even after those two blows, dangan she was still alive.Replica Sword Sheath Multiple Choice If you wanted to use a sword, which part of your body would have to touch it?Encountering the suspicious individual Non-Stop Debate absorb: What was so strange about Celeste's ronpa comment?This page serves as an overview and guide to Class Trials.Next to arrive was Hiro.We had to smash the door's window to get inside. And the villain behind it all.
Finding herself cornered, Sayaka panicked and ran into the bathroom.

Kiyotaka's Scrap of Paper Non-Stop Debate The murder weapon had to be one of the form Justice Hammers!Sakura's second attacker Bullet Time Battle Hiding i-in the rec room?I saw it for myself Non-Stop Debate I can't think of anything other agreement than home the shot to her head!And with that, all her strength was gone.Chapter 3, chapter 4, chapter 5, chapter.There's only one choice.Section A Hangman's Gambit Which would mean that conversely, the poison must have been.Broken e-Handbook Multiple Choice There's one thing we can be sure virtua that we know about the killer.Their plan all along was to kill Hifumi and get rid of the one person who could betray patch them.Kyoko Examination Summary Hangman's Gambit The correlation between the Monokuma ronpa Bottles. Meanwhile, castle she wanted us all to think Mukuro was still alive, and hiding somewhere inside the school.
Popularity Contest: Sway classmates to your side in each investigation, squeezing information from them to figure out who did.

She gathered up the dangan ronpa 1 game broken Monokuma Bottle shards, and the queen chess piece.
Next, Hifumi positioned himself to make it look like Robo Justice was attacking him.while the killer used a digital camera to take pictures of the "assault." They did all this just to create evidence that would put the suspicion on Hiro.
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.