The company has also addressed previous issues regarding the glossy finish, which tended to stealth ultimate attract its fair share of fingerprint and smudge marks, opting for a matte one this time around.
This sound can be quite widow delightful to the user but might be an annoyance to other people nearby.It is harder to double tap using the MX Blue compared to other mechanical switches (It is not something that I have stealth noticed).If the noise is becoming an issue, consider the stealth version of Razer Blackwidow, which uses Cherry MX Brown switches that give the same tactile response but less of the click sound.Design, review the BlackWidow Ultimate Stealth has all the right design features that make it stand out as a gaming keyboard, from the blocky futuristic font used on widow the keys to the glowing 5-stages of blue backlighting.Razer Blackwidow Ultimate 2013 is a great keyboard but it does have a few flaws.Flaws No keyboard is perfect.Surface prone to smudge and fingerprints. Mechanical keyboards ultimate have a much more bouncy and responsive feel compared to membrane keyboards (which often feels mushy in comparison).
A Word on Cherry MX Brown.
Here is a break down: 2013 vs older versions: The 2013 version has a green backlit while the older versions have a blue backlit.

Razer Blackwidow: Regular vs Ultimate vs Stealth vs 2013.In addition, the 2013 version has acrobat a matte finish rather than glossy player finish to classic reduce the smudges and fingerprints.The keyboard itself is quite heavy (3.31 lbs) and sturdy in appearance.The BlackWidow Stealth's software also gives you a selection of basic commands, like cut, copy, and close window that should be reader more useful for the spreadsheet enthusiast.However, the latest version of Razer Synapse is quite unobtrusive.Here is the Right Ctrl button for example.In the Game Mode, the Window key is disabled by default but you can also chose to turn off alt-tab and alt-f4 via the Razer Synapse software.Its matte black frame is a great improvement over the standard BlackWidow's glossy games finish, which was a huge fingerprint magnet.The side of the keyboard is a USB passthrough and 2 holes for Mic In/Headphone Out.During recording, the top right corner of the keyboard will sisx have a little red dot telling you that you are recording.Razer decided to try and quiet the "clacking" noise of the other edition by using "Cherry MX Brown" key switches over the lighter "Cherry MX Blue which, in my opinion, has made for a stiffer typing experience over the Editors' Choice Razer Black Widow Ultimate.There are quite a few versions of the Razer Blackwidow keyboards out there and it can be confusing to know their differences.The Blue switch utilizes a tactile epub and clicky switch, and has a closer release and actuation point.The other major function of the Synapse software is macro creation. As a MMO gamer, you will be using the keyboard to type much more than someone who plays a FPS game for example.

A comparable mechanical keyboard, the Das Keyboard Model black widow ultimate stealth 2013 review S (129.99 direct,.5 stars is about the same size, measuring.95.95.58-inches (HWD).
But it's all about personal preference, would you find the clickity-clack of your fingers typing fulfilling, like I do, or annoying?